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Mira Madenach

Mira is a Nutritionist (MSc) and currently a PhD candidate at the Chair of Nutritional Physiology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Born in Germany and after travelling in Australia, Mira moved in 2010 to the Netherlands to study Nutrition and Health at the Wageningen University. In her bachelor thesis, she did a review on “The efficacy of the consumption of legume-based foods on nutrient intake and status of reproductive women, children and infants” under the supervision of Dr. ir. Inge Brouwer at the Chair of Human Nutrition.

After attaining the bachelor degree (BSc) in 2013, she started her master in Nutrition and Health in the same year with the specialisation “Nutritional Physiology and Health Status”. In her master thesis she investigated “The role of skeletal muscle oxygen utilization in hypoxia-induced arterial desaturation” under the supervision of Dr. Arie Nieuwenhuizen at the Chair of Human and Animal Physiology.

As part of her master studies she completed an internship at the Chair of Nutritional Physiology at TUM with Prof. Dr. Hannelore Daniel and Dr. Jarlei Fiamoncini focusing on the analysis of acylcarnitines in human plasma samples and comparing acylcarnitine levels of pre-diabetic and diabetic subjects with healthy individuals.

After completing the master studies in 2015, she was offered an PhD Position at the Chair of Nutritional Physiology at the TU Munich by PD Dr. Kurt Gedrich. In her PhD project she focuses on personalised nutrition and finding new ways to communicate personalised nutrition knowledge to the broad population, which is part of the enable Cluster (, a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).  She is also focused on a new technique to collect and store blood, called Dried Blood Spot, for which she establishes several methods to be used in the personalised nutrition intervention studies.


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